February 19

3 Reasons Why it’s Vitally Important to be Mindful of Your Destiny Every Day


When was the last time you reflected on the trajectory of your life? No, I mean really reflected, as in put down on paper your perceived wins, perceived losses, and pondered the daily pace or path of your existence. Are there any big audacious goals that should have been accomplished by now? Have you lived, loved and lost people or things that were vitally important to you? Or have you reached that coveted status in life that you dreamed of for so long as a child (i.e., I can’t wait until I’m grown because then I get to…)?
Depending on the response to any one of my queries, it probably makes sense to engage in some reflection that will help you to be intentional about living your destiny on a daily basis. Just for clarity, the definition I am using for your destiny is the ultimate end goal for your life. In other words when you have exhausted the fullness of who you are and close your eyes for the last time and nothing else can be written about you, your earthly destiny will be rendered complete. If you do not believe in destiny, then you may as well stop reading. If you do, then let me share three reasons why it’s vitally important to Understand How to Live your Destiny vs. Your Future in this lifetime.

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Fulfill Your Calling

Reflection can be a powerful tool for your success when coupled with the understanding we each have a reason and purpose for being here on earth. Each of us has a calling on our life and it’s up to us to mine the depths of what that calling and purpose is supposed to be as we navigate the stuff of life. For example, your calling could be a life of service, it could be as a surgeon, it could be as a mother or father who raises the next great leader of our world. Your calling matters and your ultimate destiny is tied to its fulfillment along with its impact of those around you.

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Stop Wasting Time

What if you received a FedEx Package that was marked urgent and it read, “You have 60 days before your time here is over?” When you understand that you have a destiny and a purpose, you can eliminate much of the clutter from your life. You are empowered to move forward with clarity and intention
because you are cognizant of the impact that you need to make while on this life’s journey. For those who lead and serve people, this creates an understanding of the importance of growing and developing others with your influence before it’s too late.

Lead the Way and Create Possibilities

When you live to serve and help others you get in touch with the idea that your voice matters and your actions light the way for others to actually achieve their own destiny and purpose in life. For that reason, we each have a responsibility to respect how important our destiny is and doggedly pursue it’s fulfillment. Ultimately, our very actions create the possibilities for those who may be seeking clarity for their own steps in this lifetime.

Point of Clarity Quote:

Your ultimate destiny is tied to the fullness of your life, not a moment in time.”

-Dr. Jason Carthen


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