November 13

3 Tips To Eliminate Distractions and Explode Business Growth


When speaking to a coaching client recently, they shared how overwhelming it can be when trying to start or grow your business. I asked them what the chief concern or barrier was and they shared what I hear all too often…”there is so much information and choices that I get overwhelmed!”

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One of the first things that we started working on was eliminating all of the external noise through my Business Growth Blueprint© which eliminates much of the overwhelm while providing clear road-map for their success. The goal of the Blueprint is simple, to get clear about your ideal path to success.

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Dangers of Overwhelm

In a recent Inc. Magazine article the author shared how debilitating the world of business and entrepreneurship can be if not handled strategically. Bad habits of punishing your body through lack of rest and poor eating habits, moodiness and chronic irritability are just some of the outward physical signs that eventually lead to burnout and a bad outcome. While the stressors of doing business or leading others do not easily go away, I want to share 3 key components from my blueprint that will help to avoid the overwhelm and get you back on the road to why you started a business in the first place, the full method can be found here.

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3 Tips To Explode Business growth

Identifying Your Why: Get in touch with what makes you unique and why you choose to have something to offer in the first place. Begin to target what is the most compelling part of your business offering, so people are naturally inclined to work with you or buy your products.
Determine Your Ideal Client or Customer: This cannot be overstated enough. When you are not paired with the right client, it can be a disaster, but how can you know that unless you have done your homework. Be intentional about discovering how your ideal customer thinks and why they make the choices they do. Gather this information and begin to anticipate their needs and strategies to serve them long-term.
Develop Your Core Offer: Develop the business model that best serves to reach your overarching goals. In other words, you focus on delivering what your ideal customer wants by being strategic in your offerings and services. Once established and solidified, develop your core offer and create tiered pricing.

The Choice is Clear

You see, as you determine your unique path to success with a very specific plan tailored to your overarching goals, you can rest in the valleys and in the mountaintop experiences that await you. Alternatively, when you do not have a clear plan, you are subject to the peaks and valleys without a clear sense of hope or purpose. Which will you choose today?

Point of Clarity Quote:

“What You Stay Focused on Will Grow.”

-Roy T. Bennett


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