May 7

#36 Why Remaining Faithful to the Vision is Crucial in the Life of an Entrepreneur! [Podcast]


Last week we talked about building a legacy and the key steps needed to achieve the vision that has been placed upon your heart. There was quite a bit of chatter & questions about what is needed to see that vision come to pass, and to what degree will it cost you something if you seek after your vision wholeheartedly.

Bring Vision into Focus

Now, that cost is going to look different based upon the individual and their circumstances, however, one thing will remain constant, you must make the commitment to do what is necessary to bring that vision into focus and ultimately birth that legacy into existence. You may be asking, “Well, Dr. Jason how do I do that?” One of the first steps is to remain faithful to your calling! That calling may be in a corporate setting, in a ministerial/church setting, or as an entrepreneur, but regardless of where your calling may be, you must jealously guard it and stay the course!

Dr. Jason Carthen: Podcast_Episode-36_2015

Minister Gail Reese

On today’s show, we have Minister Gail Reese… a pillar of the community joining us to share how and why she is continuing to build her legacy on the faith-based side and in the civic engagement arena!

Minister Gail Reese is the Executive Director of the Ministry of Reconciliation. Their Mission is to Blanket Our Cities with Prayer and The Gospel of Jesus Christ. An initiative to work in love and unity with the Body of Christ giving special assistance to Pastors in the areas of Revival, Evangelism and Discipleship of all ages in Cleveland, NE Ohio and beyond.

As a member of United Pastors in Missions and she assists various Pastoral Ministerial Alliances. She equips Churches in a Goals For Souls & Prayer Mobilization initiative to adopt streets to Pray for and Share the Gospel with Every Person, in Every Family, on Every Street, and in Every Community!!! !!! She is the organizer of the NE Ohio United Networks of Youth Ministries that partners with Churches and Para-church youth ministries, Youth Pastors, Youth Directors and Christian Educators, to help foster the spiritual growth of our Christian youth through Student Leader Trainings & Fellowships, True Love Waits Campaign and more.


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