May 15

#37 How To Develop Resilience as an Entrepreneur! [Podcast]


What is that thing that keeps you getting out of bed every morning? What drives you to be exceptional during challenging times? In fact,  what is that thing that you are afraid of when the stakes are high and you know there is no turning back from whatever challenge you are facing? I am asking these questions today because many times, when people are facing what appear to be insurmountable odds and they are not sure exactly how they are going to make it, they have to make a choice to go forward regardless of their current circumstances. Some go forward while others stop in their tracks.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Develop Resilience as an Entrepreneur-Episode-37 

I offer to you today that based upon my research, I believe the variable that drives others forward despite their circumstances, is resilience! On today’s show, I am going to discuss with you four things that need to be present in order to demonstrate and cultivate Resilience as an entrepreneur.


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