June 22

#43 Special Father’s Day Episode: How To Give Your Children the Blessing of Legacy! [Podcast]


Dr. Jason Carthen: Give Your Children the Blessing of Legacy

What does it mean to be a father? Contrary to what the headlines would portray or what we often see on the television screens about the absenteeism of father’s, there are father’s who long for and diligently cultivate  relationships with their children. Regardless of your socioeconomic status, your culture or ethnicity, their is an inherent longing that takes place in the life of a child for their father. However, research suggests that if this longing is not properly fulfilled in the formative year’s of a child’s development, there is a longing that takes place as an adult which can be detrimental.

So what are the benefits that are derived from a healthy relationship with your father? What are the results and some of the negative impacts of having an poor relationship with your father? Great questions and I am glad that you asked! These are some of the things that we will be talking about on today’s Special Father’s Day Episode: “How to Give Your Children the Blessing of Legacy!” 



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