January 16

Season 4, Episode 3: How to Answer the Call to Godly Leadership As a Woman of Purpose! [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 4, Episode 3 of The Discover the Leader in You Podcast™. Here’s some food for thought and some questions for our listening audience today. How do you move beyond the everyday thought patterns and routines of life? Does the daily ebb and flow of your life seem boring or leave you unfulfilled?

Dr. Jason Carthen Radio SHow:Season3,Episode 3

In a recent article published by INC. magazine, when people were asked about their purpose, they simply did not know what to say and in fact believed their purpose was tied to upward social mobility, establishing a career, accumulating wealth, competing (and winning), and holding power. Their responses revealed they did not know what their purpose was and had bought into what social norms say their purpose should be. This not only creates confusion and a lack of motivation, but leads to poorly though out choices and unfulfilled leadership potential.

So, if there is that much confusion about purpose in a career or business context, what is the importance of understanding your purpose and call to lead from a spiritual context? Well, on today’s show we have a very special guest for you! Rev Dr. Dianthia Gilmore will be joining us to discuss “Answering the Call to Godly Leadership As a Woman of Purpose!

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