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6 Ways to Mentor and Train Others with A Heart Focus


To truly create lasting change and impact those entrusted to your care in a positive way, you must seek to have a heart transaction with them. Some of you may be wondering what does that look like? Well, the foundation of my I Speak Life Coaching Programs© are steeped in the idea that people are more than just automatons or free agents, they each represent life stories and lives that are at some points messy and at other times beautiful.

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Nurture the Heart and Never Go Wrong

When it comes to leading or training others to a point of growth or new clarity about their potential, I created the detailed I Speak Life Training Process© to nurture the heart for lasting change. Let me share a little bit of that process with you here.

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Six Ways to Train Effectively

Problem Identification: Initially you want to weave a story line or tapestry that identifies a problem or barrier to performance that must be solved in some shape or form for a positive outcome to occur. This creates a narrative that will encourage the person to see how the problem can cause challenges for themselves or for the organization. Why is this important? Because often people can do a good job of separating themselves from the severity of a problem and how they are contributing to it.
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Agitate for Clarity: When you have buy in concerning the problem, now you should give examples around the ramifications if the problem continues and why it really should not. I use role play and real world examples of the presenting problems or narratives that suggest an inability to continue forward movement if the problem remains.

Solve the Problem and Rise: Now it’s time to create lasting value from sharing the benefits of solving the problem. At this stage of the training or even a coaching relationship you can point to the lasting implications if they don’t contribute to the solution either by their personal effort to change or offer their assistance in helping others to change.

Initiating Action: My personal favorite is identifying the linkages between taking specific action and the removal of the problem. This is best carried out by posing scenarios that point to positive and measurable outcomes which illuminate the immediate value. The goal is to create quick wins that reinforce the behavior of the participants now and going forward. One caveat, make sure the participants come to a critical thinking crossroads, so they understand the value themselves, and  not embrace group-think or just see things from your perspective only.

Provide Insight for Long-Term Growth: In this phase of the training or coaching, provide answers to frequently asked questions related to both the problem and the solutions enacted. When you provide answers to the frequently asked questions, it reinforces the learning and provides key mental markers for long-term retention.

Tools Increase Reinforcement: Alright, so you have promoted change for the better, you have even sold the participants on the merits of eliminating a cumbersome problem. Now what? Now it’s time to equip them with starter tools for their success and whet their appetite for further exploration around solutions to future problems. Go over three to four popular tools that could also help solve the problem and potentially position the participants with their own arsenal of solutions in the future.

The Heart Knows

At the end of the day, the best way to solve a problem or bring about lasting change begins with the individual coming to a realization that a problem exists and focusing on their strengths and ideas to overcome it while creating a sustainable solution. When you tap into their own personal motivation to make that happen, it typically will foster buy in and a commitment to the outcomes…hence the heart transaction.

Point of Clarity Quote:

“Job training empowers people to realize their dreams and improve their lives.”

– Sylvia Matthews Burwell


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