October 25

#61: How Marketing Creates an Effective Roadmap for Your Success! [Podcast]

Some people in business are suggesting that organizations should move away from the traditional business plan and all of its elements, such as researching the competition or fostering a research and development component for the creation of new products in your niche. However, across the board, if you mention the possibility of doing away with the marketing aspect of your business, you are venturing down a dark path of obscurity and obsolescence which points to a closed system that cannot survive on its own.


Dr. Jason Carthen: Radio Show Episode 61Let’s be clear, marketing creates opportunity and feeds the messaging of your brand or product to those you want it to be in front of. To ignore marketing and its value invites peril. On today’s show we have a gentleman that is making a tremendous impact in the marketing arena. Kirby Hasseman the author of two books and the President and CEO of Hasseman Marketing & Communications will be joining us in studio to share his thoughts on How Marketing Creates an Effective Roadmap for Your Success!”



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