November 2

#62: Highlighting the Leadership Influence of Veterans in Business! [Podcast]


Dr. Jason Carthen: Radio SHow Episode_62

Dr. Dorothy BonVillian is back on today’s show to share with us her insights and experiences on Highlighting the Leadership Influence of Veterans in Business!” She will also reveal why there is a unique difference between Veterans day & Memorial day and why the distinction should not be misunderstood.

When Veterans (or their spouses) transition from the military, they have a very unique perspective that lends itself to qualities that are needed in business. Discipline, focus, and resilience just to name a few. These qualities and skills should be overlooked because they point towards success. Sit back and enjoy this wonderful interview with Dr. Dorothy who continues to champion the cause of veterans and what they bring to the table.


leadership, mental toughness, Motivation, teamwork, winning

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