May 26

Are You Just Providing a Field of Dreams or Future Opportunities?


Dr. Jason Carthen: Focus on Your Opportunities, Not Just Dreams

ByDr. Jason Carthen

This Week’s Focus Point

The sun was blazing down and the temperature was topping out at 85 degrees on a afternoon filled with promise. As I walked into the ballpark yesterday, I was reminded of just how much pressure to perform these young men had to be under. I was providing the chapel services for one of Cleveland’s professional sports teams, The Lake County Captains. It brought forth memories of my own journey into professional sports and the immense expectation to perform at a high level constantly.

Pursuit of Your “Dream”

I was determined to make sure that both teams and the Umpires would hear a message that encouraged perspective and balance in their pursuit of their “Dream.” I shared with the Players and Umpires that James 4:4 from the Biblical record tells us that God jealously longs for the spirit that is in us and when we place anything before or above Him we are moving into very dangerous territory. All of their attention was glued to me, but as I spoke, there were two particular players who looked to be in a silent battle or crisis of belief, and when I opened for questions, I found out why.

Focused Upon Your Next Steps

As God saw fit, the words I was sharing served to cause the men to think deeply about why they do what they do on a daily basis and if their priorities were correctly aligned with eternal purpose. Their questions focused upon next steps and how to advance forward on a regular basis without missing their opportunities, and specifically how to live out their purpose with meaning.

Remove All the Doubt

As leaders, our followers must find stability and purpose in their pursuit of the company vision and daily goals. The more we can create a clear path to their success the greater likelihood that all will prosper due to their effort. Make sure that you are removing any doubt concerning why they do what they do on a daily basis.

How do you help your followers understand their purpose and how it aligns with the overall vision?


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