March 30

Are You Paying Attention to the Signs That Will Lead to Your Next Opportunity?


We Were Plugging in Our Fit Bracelets and Nike Watches

My wife and I chuckled as we both were plugging in our Fit Bracelets and Nike Watches. Our first marathon of the year is coming up in April and these electronic devices track our calorie intake, how many steps we have taken toward our daily fitness goals and remind us during the day if we need to get up and move!

Dr. Jason Carthen: Pay Attention to the Signs of Next Opportunity

We Make the Daily Opportunities To Achieve Our Goals

Needless to say, these devices offer the not so subtle reminders that we must make the most of our daily opportunities in order to achieve our goals. However, there is irony in having these gadgets always available to give us immediate feedback on our effort and progress.

Don’t Ignore the Feedback

I share this point of irony with you because on occasion, “Gasp” I have ignored my watches feedback and defiantly ignored the warning signs. Whether it was due to comfort, distraction, or simple stubbornness, I made the choice to not maximize that moment.

Maximize the Moments of Opportunity

If we are going to maximize our moments of opportunity in business or our personal lives, we must stay keenly aware and in tune with the signs that are pointing to our next opportunity! For example, in a recent issue of Forbes Magazine, the story of a young man who saw an opportunity to pitch his idea on the show, Shark Tank revealed the benefits of paying attention to your potential opportunities…he has made nearly 9 million dollars since the opportunity.

Be Attentive to the Signs of Our Future Opportunity

So, how can we make sure we are remaining attentive to the signs that point to our next opportunity? Let me share two practices that offer readiness for potential opportunities.

1. As an employee stay diligent and vigilant concerning your personal and professional growth. For example, you must remain ahead of the learning curve by voraciously reading and staying up to date with market trends, training and certifications, etc. By remaining current and at the top of your personal and professional growth, there is a greater likelihood that you will be tapped on the shoulder if an opportunity arises in your respective organization.

2. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you must differentiate yourself and build out your niche product offerings! Keep in mind, the more you can identify the unique way that you can successfully address your potential client’s needs, the more opportunities that will consistently come your way. Along with differentiating yourself, never, ever give up in the pursuit of your dreams. You just do not know when you will experience your breakthrough as this story in Inc. magazine reveals.

Leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share with us how you are paying attention to the signs that may reveal your next opportunity! Your comments and insights are important to me!


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