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The Value of Practical Step-by-Step Advice.

How to position yourself and your business as a leader in your market.

Why the Path to Effective Strategy is Paved with Automation.

Automation creates synergy that will create raving fans and a thriving business if done correctly.


After working with Dr. Carthen for several months as my coach, I just don’t even know where to begin! He is an amazing person and an amazing coach. He’s helped me to work with my team while also leading them effectively. During the course of our coaching sessions he also helped me to develop team members on an individual basis. Dr. Carthen will be greatly missed because I have developed so much that I can use and take forward personally and professionally.

Tanya Ellis , FedEx Global, Supervisor Air Expedite Division

"Dr. Carthen has been instrumental in advancing the management and therefore advancing the profitability of the business of this law firm. We are very pleased with Dr. Carthen's keen ability to influence management style, and coordinate varied working groups into a unified business model which can be managed clearly by its supervisors, who then report with detail and insight to the head of the firm.

During our sessions, Dr. Carthen was able to provide important coaching and get the different factions of the office to work together, the different managers to speak the same language and to work together to eliminate waste, while improving processes. The business profitability suddenly amplified tremendously within a few short months."

Julius Amourgis Esq. , Senior Counsel Amourgis and Associates

As an executive coach Dr. Jason's wisdom and insights into the daily requirements for personal and professional growth challenged me to step up my game! We worked together to craft a systematic and well thought out plan to help me achieve the measurable results I was looking for at this stage of my life. If you want someone who will walk along side you while revealing a path to success then you want Dr. Jason as an executive coach and confidante.

Amelia Gibbon , Executive Director, United Methodist Church Friendly Center

Dr. Carthen gets to the heart of your personal growth and professional development as a coach. During the course of our coaching relationship he encouraged me to wear the mantle of leadership at all times regardless of when it was tough or the expectations were high. During the course of the engagement he helped me to understand my direct reports better while using time tested and proven leadership strategies to improve my departments results.

Dr. Carthen takes a methodical approach to break down barriers and get to the root of leadership – all the while supplying his clients with the latest in business acumen, psychology and leadership principles. The result? Dr. Carthen’s leaders are poised to not only be better leaders, but to be better citizens at work, at home and in their communities – for years to come.

Without hesitation I would recommend Dr. Carthen as an executive coach and more importantly a mentor.

Scott Garchar , Fed Ex, Head of Global Business Development

Working with Dr. Jason has been a blessing. The level of practical advice and perspective I have gained from our conversations can't be overstated. His experience as a coach, trainer, and speaker, combined with his understanding of the entrepreneurial journey, makes him a compassionate coach who is not afraid to gently push you beyond your comfort zone. He reminds you of your potential, helps you get clear about your "why" and who you are called to serve, and offers concrete and actionable advice on what steps you need to take to make your vision your reality. It has been a pleasure working with him.

Tiffany Southerland Esq. , President/CEO Four Corners Coaching
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