March 31

Creativity Requires Clarity of Thought


Dr. Jason Carthen: Creativity Requires Clarity of Thought

by Dr. Jason Carthen

This Week’s Focus Point:

On a very cold and blustery morning with a slight hint of ice on the ground, all you could hear was the crunching of ice under foot. This morning was not too out of the ordinary except that it was Spring and the birds were supposed to be singing and Winter was supposed to be receding! Regardless of the ice and absence of warmth, my wife went on her daily run, you see runners have a fierce resolve. They are focused, dedicated and view their time of running as necessary for success.

Get a Chance to Refocus

When I asked my wife, why she enjoyed running so much, she shared that the thoughts that run through her mind are like spaghetti that has gone through the strainer…. I thought that was brilliant! As she runs, her thoughts are vetted in the stillness of her mind despite all the activity around her. During this stillness she gets a chance to refocus and prioritize.

Take Care of Your Creativity

She shared, just like the spaghetti, if she does not get a chance to vett her thoughts (placing them in the strainer) and play different scenarios while running, her thoughts can become gummy and stick together with no real direction. As a leader, creativity cannot occur without the proper care and fierce resolve that is required for clarity of thought.

What are you doing to continually build in your own personal growth and development? What is that thing that you engage in that allows stillness of thoughts to be welcomed in?


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