December 7

CTE and Why Doing the Right Thing is Not Always Popular, but Necessary!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Making the Right Decisions

Unfortunately, doing the right thing is not always the most popular decision or the most accepted, but absolutely necessary. In fact, there comes a time in everyone’s life when they must make a choice between what is popular, & accepted and what is morally right, no matter how unpopular and painful.

As Leaders We Have a Moral Obligation

As leaders, we each have a moral obligation to do the right things when it comes to our business dealings and as it relates to our followers. Granted, when we put on the mantle of leadership, it can be uncomfortable and even at some points, feel almost unbearable, but if you are in a position of leadership, you have been called to do something specific and special. Rest assured, if you are open and coachable, you can develop the skills to lead well, no matter the circumstances.
Recently, I had the privilege of speaking about the recent headlines focused on the NFL and the impact of concussions. Understandably, many people familiar with playing sports understand there is a certain level of risk involved due to the competitive nature of athletes and their desire to win. However, there is a growing sentiment around understanding when the line has been crossed between playing hard and a threat to an athlete’s physical well-being.
This question has been placed front and center with the most recent player lawsuits filed against the NFL by current and former players. There is even a new movie starring Will Smith set to be released on December 25th called “Concussion” that is reported to share the challenges of reporting on the impact of concussions.

CTE and NFL Players

At issue is the mounting evidence of whether “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy” (CTE), a progressive, degenerative brain disease found in athletes is caused by repetitive brain trauma, and whether it can be prevented by greater protocols in the NFL. To date, 96% of NFL Players examined by Boston University and the Department of Veteran affairs show the presence of the disease and 79% of all football players show it as well.
While those facts are staggering, I believe there is a hidden impact and toll that is taking place the public does not see and is not being made aware of…the impact upon those left behind when the disease takes a tragic toll upon the individuals suffering from CTE.

The Burning Leadership Question

So my question is: As leaders, is there a moral obligation to make sure followers are not placed at risk when carrying out there job responsibilities even when the potential modifications and changes will not be popular? There is plenty of food for thought as we await the next steps and long-term impact for the leaders involved.
If you have not already, please stop by and leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share how you view the importance of doing the right thing instead of the most popular thing when leading others.

Talk soon!


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