March 10

Data Corruption Can Freeze the Entire System!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Data Corruption can Freeze the Entire System

This Week’s Focus Point

As a long-standing hobby, I often like to personally work on computers in an effort to better understand how the mass of intricate parts work together to yield high productivity and output. Recently, my processor began to give errors during common everyday tasks, and I could not understand where the problem was originating from. It was only after careful inspection and testing that it began to be very clear that my processor was beginning to tax the mother board and causing the entire system to crash and cause a blue screen. Well, during the course of one of my leadership training sessions with an high profile organization, it became very clear the followers were unmotivated and just waiting on the next challenge or conflict, and quite frankly, it was corrupting the entire system! In this metaphor, the Supervisor’s were the processor, the Followers were the motherboard and the Organization was the entire system…one was taxing the other to the point of failure. It was only after the lines of communication were reopened that the followers were motivated and the organization began to function again at a very high level.

Motivate Employees to Accomplish Tasks

The takeaway is that, employees must be motivated to accomplish specific tasks and it is their task specific motivation which allows them to succeed which results in high employee performance. Take away their relevance, they become unmotivated, take away their ability to communicate, you will cause the entire system to crash. The ability to complete tasks is important, but a leader’s ability to nurture sustained relevant motivation in their followers is crucial to long-term success in any job position.

What are you doing to keep the entire system healthy in your organization? How often are you providing open opportunities to your team to provide feedback?>


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