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Dr. Carthen’s Capacity Building Model™


Dr. Jason Carthen: Capacity Building Model

Achieve Capacity, Otherwise Nothing Else Will Work

One of the biggest leaps that my coaching or consulting clients have to make, is going from recognition, to consistent action, or specifically “follow-through.” In other words, I can want it for them, give them the tools and even templates of steps to take in order for them to achieve success, but if they do not achieve capacity, none of it matters. For this reason, I often share with my coaching partners seven key steps (see below) to building and maintaining capacity.

Dr. Carthen’s Capacity Building Model™

1. Needs assessment to determine strengths related to capacity or specific assessment of targeted skill.

2. Expose an individual to a new idea, concept, process, or skill set.

3. Immediately provide feedback (positive or negative edges) regardless of the outcome.

4. Immerse individual through modeling, role-play or test situation. Provide immediate feedback.

5. Repetitive exposure for individual in different contexts with measured outcomes (journaling).

6. Post assessment to assess individual’s progression toward the 6th stage of the Taxonomy of Learning “evaluation.”

7. Review progress and Post assessment at 3 and 6 month intervals on specific task, skill, and growth in the area.

Be Ready To Identify Gaps

When an individual is open to recognizing gaps in their performance or identifying the areas where they need to improve, the opportunity for deep and sustainable growth is possible. On your own, think through this capacity building model and determine if you could benefit from this type of deep dive into your abilities via assessment.


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