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What others say about Dr. Jason....

Reggie Warren

It was a true pleasure to have you speak at our OKC Sales Rally! You did a great job with integrating our Chevrolet theme of “Rethinking” the way our sales consultants go to business every day. You truly hit the mark with your personal and professional experiences. The feedback has been amazing from the attendees and they were inspired. I personally liked your message of remaining consistent when everything is going crazy around you.  This truly related and penetrated the audience as the economy has been challenging one of late.Again, I appreciate the positive message.
Thank you!

Douglas Clark

Your message was riveting and the delivery was spot on. Your connection with the audience was transforming as evidenced by the crowd that lingered to spend more time with you once the formal program had ended. Your willingness to stay until the last one left the theater added a refreshing degree of authenticity that renders your personal story of achievement over adversity all the more compelling.
As an accomplished athlete, scholar, and humble servant of God, you have a unique platform on which to inspire the body, mind, and soul. Thanks Jason, for heeding this calling and giving of yourself so freely. You are a difference maker, and I look forward to future opportunities for us to build on this wonderful beginning.

Greg McBride

I’ve seen a lot of speakers and rarely have I seen someone who brings the type of energy and enthusiasm that Jason brought. You could see the athlete in him. He’s energetic, passionate, but also knows what he is talking about. I was really impressed. If you get the opportunity to hear him speak, I highly recommend that you take advantage of it!