January 5

Final Day of NSA’s Platform Profits Lab Ended with A Clear Path to Success!


Dr. Jason Carthen: A Clear Path to Success

Final Day of Platform Profits Lab

The final day of Platform Profits Lab culminated in standing ovations and an undeniable path to success! When attending conferences, seminars, or labs, there is a tendency to reach a crescendo before it is time and quite frankly, I did not know if this would be any different. Well, I am happy to report that after such an amazing opening session, the momentum, nuggets to grow your business and overall atmosphere continued at a high level. The closing session speakers detailed what it would take to engage your business model in a way that would not only allow you to grow, but to segment it in a way that your capacity would improve and your sales funnel would take off.

Your Story is Your Strength

A key nugget that I always share during my Training sessions or my Speaker seminars is, “Your Story is Your Strength”and multi- millionaire Jeff Walker echoed this same sentiment as he detailed a life that was on the verge of ruin and was catapulted into unprecedented wealth and PEACE because he was willing to trust his instincts and go after his dream. I am certainly glad that he did because his story is very similar to my own. Sometimes you have to experience challenge and adversity in order to polish the diamond and come out better on the other side. For all that attended this NSA Lab, I am sure that they will walk away changed for the better and be ready to tackle the next big opportunity to carve out their respective Path’s to Success! Thank you to all of my followers and please know that I appreciate your connections with me, so stay tuned for some exciting things that I will share in the coming weeks.

Dr. Jason


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