June 16

Health & Fitness and How to Develop Your “Core” in Business!


By Dr. Jason Carthen

Today’s Focus Point:

Dr. Jason Carthen: Develop Your Core in Business and Leadership

Build Your Life-Path around Your Ability

I have friends who are really into health & fitness. These are individuals who build their choices, decisions and life-path around their ability to workout and remain healthy. To a person, each one of these individuals talks about their “Core” and how important it is to their success. When asked about it, their responses all focused around how the Core is responsible for stability when working out, how the abs and the lower back work in tandem to support and provide leverage for day-to-day activities and long-term health success. Some of these individuals use weights, some use Pilates, some love to salsa dance and some simply love the feeling of running. No matter the methodology of working out, they all would agree that without their Core, they could not achieve their fitness goals.

Build a Core for Long-Term Success

In leadership and in business, their is also a Core that you must build and strengthen in order to experience long-term success. You see, in business, your Core consists of key characteristics and behaviors like Values, Decision making and Instincts. These characteristics and behaviors support and drive day-to-day functioning and ultimately successful outcomes because of their pivotal role in a leader’s reliability and consistency. A leader must exercise and develop these key characteristics and behaviors through a daily workout regimen of interpersonal interaction with their followers and the crucible of decision making in a real time office environment. Will the leader always get the decisions and choices right? No, but that is the whole point of developing and strengthening your Core; each time you flex that muscle, it will be stronger to help support you the next time.

Set Your Vision

Keep in mind, the same is also true if your Core is shown to be weak and unreliable. A leader that does not have Vision, Values or instincts will experience failed objectives and unmet goals because these Core aspects of their ability to lead are not developed fully.

What are you doing to strengthen your Core and the Core of your followers on a daily basis?


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