September 20

How Adversity Can Create Moments of Clarity & Success!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Create Moments of Clarity & Success

Try To Jump at the Chance

When I initially began my journey into business nearly two decades ago, I did not really understand all that I did not know! Wow, I was so young and filled with expectancy. Well, that has not changed! Every opportunity I have to engage others through relationship, mentoring, training or personal development, I jump at the chance. My positive expectancy has not changed and in fact, the more I understand this journey is a marathon and not a sprint, I am more open to the “process.”

It is Because of Adversity Period

Let me tell you why this has worked for me…it is because of ADVERSITY…period. My moments of pain, rejection, and struggle have only served to strengthen my resolve in the business arena, whether it was a sale that did not go through or a business contract that did not materialize, or working relationships that were toxic. I learned something through each experience…the more you are able to moderate your stress during times of adversity, the greater your likelihood of success.

The Real Game Changer

I recently had the privilege of connecting with a real “GameChanger” who has lived this very premise of overcoming adversity and seizing success. Amber Lattner of the Lattner Performance Group, Amber’s energy and personality is a living, breathing testimony of the clarity that comes from adversity and her faith in Christ. A severe injury while playing soccer at the University of Notre Dame caused her to comment that, “…what could have broken me instead “made me” and deepened my faith and trust in God.”

Be Open to the Process

The willingness to be open to the process (positive or negative) is the key concept I want to convey to my readers. While we may not have all the answers right away in our moments of challenge, stay the course and let the experience make you stronger. This attitude will pay you large dividends at the point and in the future.

What are some areas of your business or personal life that you have grown from due to adversity?


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