October 7

How Failed Leadership Can Motivate You to New Levels of Personal Success!


Open a New Doorway to the Next Phase of Life

The sickening “pop” that I heard was the sound of my knee giving way and an open doorway to the next phase of my life’s journey. It was the sound that no athlete wants to hear because it brings each of us back to our own mortality and vulnerability when it comes to injury in sports. Little did I know that I was being prepped to step into greatness!

In a recent article posted in the AMEX open forum, https://www.openforum.com/articles/stupid-workplace-rules-that-could-destroy-employee-morale/?extlink=of-syndication-ob-p

Dr. Jason Carthen: Failed Leadership Can Motivate You to New Levels of Success!

Dangers of Failed Leadership

…the dangers of failed leadership or leaders who have let their followers down is a topic of discussion. The reality is that leaders who are not good stewards of their followers can either motivate their people to greatness or cause irreparable harm to their psyche and work life expectations.

Use Failed Leadership to Motivate

The resulting outcome of greatness or harm is often based on the “attitude” of the follower and their ability to move forward regardless of the leadership they are exposed to. Those that demonstrate a positive attitude can use failed leadership to motivate themselves to new levels of greatness.

Be as Good as Your Last Play

You see, it was not until my knee gave away that I realized that you are only as good as your last play, and that we often need to experience discomfort in order to move us toward something better or what is meant for us. When you remain positive, your current negative circumstances will not dictate your outcomes. When have you bounced back from failed leadership or other challenges that made you stronger?


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