September 29

How Technology and the Ability To Lead Creates Unique Opportunities for Follower Success!


This Week’s Focus Point
By Dr. Jason Carthen

Recent Visit to a Cleveland Browns Practice

During a recent visit to a Cleveland Browns Practice, I was struck by how much technology has become a part of the player’s ability to perform at a high level on the field. When you walk on to the field you are met with several video cameras and a very unique pulley system and runners stationed in key areas of the practice field. When I inquired concerning the “stations” it was explained to me that every facet of the practice is captured with technology and by the time the practice is complete, footage is available for the coaches and the players to review and make changes to their performance for optimal success.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Technology and the Ability To Lead

Understand the Technological Trend

For the leaders who are responsible for leading and guiding their companies, the understanding that technology is the backbone of an organization can be an intimidating proposition when coupled with the expectation of keeping pace with the newest technological trends. I make this assertion because throughout modern history, a clear image of the ever changing landscape of technology provides the vivid evidence for rapid change. Look no further than the examples from a Microsoft or an Apple, most recently with the latest release of the Apple iPhone 6, which has been hailed as the continued domination of the mobile technology arena. Never mind that Android suggests that it has been here long before Apple with the larger mobile phone display and all of its amenities.

Technological Tools Ensure Proverbial Playing Field

A savvy leader understands technological tools allow a leveling of the proverbial playing field when introduced early in organizational training methods or executive leadership tracks for promotion consideration. Most notably, a difference in institutional knowledge can be seen when followers are able to take advantage of loop learning or what I like to describe as, implementation, review, revise and revisit which allows the employees to assess what they have done well and what they need to work on. When this process is coupled with technology, there is a chronological history that shows pre assessment concerning performance and a post assessment piece that tracks progress. This actionable information provides immediate feedback to the leader who is able to determine whether or not followers are poised for optimal success.

Get the Courage to Embrace an Idea

At the end of the day, the greatest question for the leader who is faced with constantly changing technology is whether or not they have the courage to embrace an idea that could yield the greatest return for their company or risk complacency while maintaining status quo.

Courage over fear…what do you believe a leader should decide?


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