March 12

How to Experience Unstoppable Momentum Through a Changed Mindset


What is it about momentum that makes it so powerful to anyone who can sustain it? Think about it…we have all seen how great sports teams or companies that harness momentum can change the performance landscape in their respective areas. My former team, the New England Patriots are a great example, or from a corporate perspective, Apple is simply a juggernaut because of sustained momentum. Well today I want to share how you and I can develop the ability to harness momentum through a “Changed Mindset” on a daily basis.

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Kill Complacency and Comfort

One of the biggest challenges to developing a changed mindset and leveraging game-changing momentum is what I like to call stinking thinking or the human capacity to seek out the comfort of the status quo. Significant growth and experiencing powerful momentum cannot exist where complacency dwells. Why? Because there is no catalyst for change! It’s easy to stay knocked down in life and play it safe, but new heights require risks and sometimes the facing of our fears.

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Growth Edges Unlock Greatness

If you are OK with being, doing, and existing as you have always done, then it will be hard to break free to something greater. Step outside of your comfort zone in order to experience new growth edges in your life. Growth edges are those places that you fear, but you know you need to explore in order to reach your personal best. Growth edges are those places that others have identified in you and it makes uncomfortable, so you reject it and them as out of hand in order to remain in your safe place. Do not kid yourself and think that big goals and overcoming challenges will happen based on your normal behaviors and patterns. Exploring your growth edges shocks the system into movement that is either sustainable or causes a mindset shift to rise to the challenge.

A Changed Mindset is Requires Help

Once you have come to grips with the reality that you must “reach and extend” beyond your normal in order to harness a changed mindset and reach your full growth potential, sustainability becomes your nemesis. Why? Because your old habits and your former daily practices will seek to inform your actions. Therefore your mindset shift must occur on a daily basis, to develop habits which are conducive to where you want your momentum to lead you. One of the best ways to do this is to get a coach and or accountability partner to engage you and help you until you develop the self-leadership to do it on your own.

Painful Conversations Are Needed

At the end of the day no amount of cajoling, pushing from others or even threats will sustain your changed mindset without your own personal buy in to the need for growth and radical development. You see…a changed mindset demands authentic responses from you. Responses that you have to unearth and deal with in order to see your way clear to lasting change and impact. Many times we don’t want to deal with this sort of introspection and reflection because it can be painful. However, I submit to you today that out of mining your pain true growth can occur and as an added bonus you can help others through their tough times.

Point of Clarity Quote:

I truly believe in positive synergy, that your positive mindset gives you a more hopeful outlook, and belief that you can do something great means you will do something great.”
-Russell Wilson


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