October 5

How To Face the Greatest Enemy that You Will Ever Encounter…and Win!



If you want to see the greatest threat to your potential and realization of your hopes and dreams…take a look in the mirror. There peering back at you silently lies your greatest advocate or your greatest adversary.

Dr. Jason Carthen: How to face the Greatest Enemy you will ever face

Moving Beyond Your Circumstances

You see, your circumstances cannot dictate to you the ability to succeed, your environment cannot dictate to you the ability to rise and achieve, at the end of the day, its only you that holds that power.

However, what can sometimes get in the way is the desire to please others, debilitating pride, and the very presence of self-doubt coupled with a “thin skin” prone to taking offense. The presence of any or all of the behavioral traits mentioned lead down a path of mediocrity that will keep you emotionally bound and reactionary to your environment.

Taming the Internal Voice

A leader’s greatest opportunity to reach their full potential lies within taming the internal voice that has been with them all along…their own. So how do we face our greatest opponent and win? A few things must occur and not necessarily in this order, recognition of your opponent, then strategy and the implementation of tactics combined with decisive action, will hold the key to daily victories.

Your Limitations Creates Opportunities

Let me explain…the ability to see past your own limitations creates tremendous opportunities both personally and professionally. In a recent Business Insider article, this very fact was highlighted because it revealed an individual’s ability to succeed was tied to their recognition of how they functioned internally and how they approached their day irrespective of the environment.

Maximize Your Daily Efforts

The article also suggests alignment with my belief that your greatest opportunity to maximize daily efforts is found in (a) self-assessment, (b) diligently strategizing your day’s activities (c) dispelling any sort of negative self-talk, (d) and rejecting the belief that others are out to get you.

My encouragement to you today is…the more (and sooner) that you can lay claim to the territory in your head, the greater the likelihood that you can confront your worthy adversary and reach your full potential while bringing others along in the process.

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