May 11

How to Leverage the Lasting Benefits and Advantages of Self-Correction!


By Dr. Jason Carthen

“Who do you think you are! It’s not about you. You always make it about you…now move over or else!” These were the words coming from two colleagues while in one of my workshops. Now, before you ask what happened to cause such a ruckus? Rest assured, it was all planned!

Dr. Jason Carthen: Leverage the Lasting Benefits and Advantages of Self-Correction

Self-Corrective Behavior

Prior to the workshop, I asked two coworkers to volunteer as part of a secret role-playing exercise for the rest of the attendees. My intentions were: (a) illicit feelings from the group regarding the power of perception, (b) increase, or sharpen their ability to determine types of conflict styles prior to intervention & resolution, (c) and illuminate the tremendous value of self-corrective behavior.
While either of the three role-playing points deserves its own discussion, for today I want to share with you the merits of self-corrective behavior.

You see, it doesn’t matter if you are a corporate executive, medical professional, entrepreneur, or wealthy investor. Self-corrective behavior holds the key to whether you can learn on your own before outside factors “force” you to learn!

Key Practices for the Success

So what are some key practices of individuals that actively self-correct for their success? Let me share two of them with you today.

1. Vulnerable Openness:

The practice and improved ability to demonstrate openness to feedback, input and awareness of our own personal growth edges.

2. Diligent Reflection:

I share the word diligent, because I am referring to “doing the work” that is required to improve in a certain area that needs improvement and not just writing it down or placing it on a list of things to do.

Retraining Your Mind

The hard work of retraining your mind, and measuring your actions to show improvement in an area requires discipline and will not happen without diligence and a certain modicum of accountability. So, we all must do the work!

The more you demonstrate openness and a willingness to navigate toward growth in your blind spots that require self-correction, the greater your likelihood for long-term success. The toughest choice will be whether you choose to risk the vulnerability required to improve.

Please leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share with me how engaging in self-corrective behavior can help you to grow.



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