July 21

How To Maintain Leverage in Your Leadership Development

This Week’s Focus Point

By Dr. Jason Carthen

Leverage Drill for Training

In the National Football League (NFL), we had a leverage drill that was ideal for training you to beat your opponent. One of the best ways to teach leverage was to use this large metal behemoth piece of equipment. It was simply called…”The Sled.”

Dr. Jason Carthen: Maintain Leverage in Your Leadership Development

Learning from “The Sled”

I saw many a person defeated by the sled and thrown on their backs or left lying on the field in a crumpled heap. The key to being effective with the sled was to have an initial explosive impact and then after contact keep your forward momentum by driving your legs and turning the sled however directed by your coach. The teaching component was related to maintaining forward movement and keeping your arms extended while not letting your opponent get to your body and leverage you.

The Sled Brings Good Example of Leadership

The sled is a great example of Leadership and Life. In life and leadership, there are going to be times when you have what appears to be an immovable object or an obstacle that is just too large to see your path to victory. Whether it is a impending project deadline, conflict at work, or poor revenue projections, there will always be something formidable in your path.

Always Maintain Your Forward Momentum

The key is how you initially confront it and then maintain your forward momentum. One of the best ways to do this is to strategize in advance and then make adjustments as new information is obtained. In other words, gain input from your followers on the best path forward when challenges occur and then move forward with team momentum. The leader that can maintain organizational leverage in their environment will experience the greatest long-term success.

How do you maintain leverage in your organizational and leadership development?


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