July 7

How To Never Fall for the Check the Box Syndrome!


This Week’s Focus Point

By Dr. Jason Carthen

Dr. Jason Carthen: Avoid Check the Box Syndrome

Go After Things That are Out of Your Reach

During a recent planning session for one of my coaching clients, I was reminded of just how important it is to go after things that appear to be out of your reach. During this particular coaching session, I asked them to consider a stretch goal, but the client’s thoughts kept going back to what they had always done and for good reason…it was safe. However, I explained to them the risk vs. reward in this circumstance needed to change in order for them to move forward. In other words, they could no longer expect the same high returns with the same identical effort.

Do a Hard Self-Check

Many times in our lives we need to do a hard self-check to remember our goals and dreams. This hard self-check enables us to throw out our love for the status-quo and realign ourselves with our youthful dreams and adult sized goals! When we are actively going after our dreams sustained by hope and optimism, it is amazing how much we can get accomplished.

If We Have Intention, We Can Overcome

You see, there is a small distance between existing and thriving, but one that we can never overcome unless we are intentional. When you are merely existing, status-quo is what I like to call “check the box syndrome” or not stretching yourself, playing it safe, or just meeting the requirements. When you begin to “Thrive” you actually move toward things that require a release of your comfort level and banishing of self-doubt.

Make a Choice to Do Something

Today, this month and going forward, make a choice to do something that you have always wanted to do, but were simply afraid to try. Once you begin to make this a habit, it will become second nature for you to assess if you are simply “checking the box” or moving toward your ability to thrive.

Pick a goal that you know you can reach, and then double it! How does it make you feel?


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