October 28

How to Push Through Your Circumstances for Breakthrough


This Week’s Focus Point

By Dr. Jason Carthen

Dr. Jason Carthen: Push Through Your Circumstances for Breakthrough

Dream Without Boundaries

In his book, “Make the Impossible, Possible,” Bill Strickland details a life in the early stages that was filled with uncertainty and at some points fear of the unknown. His was a story birthed out of the poverty ravaged streets of Manchester in Pittsburgh, PA. However, the story did not end there and the book details the power of expectancy and what we can accomplish when we dream without boundaries.

Always Remain Positive

I too, am well acquainted with poverty and all the diminishing qualities it has when you are faced with it. For example, those in poverty must daily remind themselves that their current circumstances should not dictate how they will live their lives long-term. In other words, they must encourage themselves daily with the fertile seed of hope which lets them remain positive.

Leaders Need to Instill Hope in Others

Much in the same way, a leader must not become distracted by the moment to moment challenges they are facing and instead rise above it to instill hope in others. This manner of leadership has been talked about for generations and requires a leader that is both flexible, and able to remain solution focused during a whirlwind of events.

How does mental discipline help you as you go about your daily activities?


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