November 30

How To Use the Rocks and Hard Places in Your Life for Your Growth!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Dealing with the Rocks in our lives

There will be times in your life that it appears things are too overwhelming and your circumstances may in fact be ready to overtake you, but let me share some things with you about how you can use those rocks and hard places in your life for your personal growth and as stepping stones for your success.

During a recent trip to Massachusetts, I was struck by how beautiful and majestic the scenery is to the naked eye. However, I was surprised at how many of the outcroppings held trees and all sorts of vegetation amongst the rocks. Outcroppings have always fascinated me simply because they defy logic based upon the current circumstances of their environmental growth.

Why Hard Places Promote Growth

You see, harsh environments typically cause things to wither, not grow and even die, but dotting the countryside there was evidence to the contrary. Amongst the rocks and spartan landscape, those trees and vegetation were thriving despite the environment.You see, to the naked eye, it appears there is nothing to sustain those living things, but in fact, the very thing that is causing them struggle (the rocks) is giving them life!

The rocks have tiny fissures in them that supply nutrients and give life to anything that surrounds them in the form of consistent minerals and stored water.

Why Leaders Must Accept the Hard Places

As leaders, a crucial personal and organizational development lesson is found amongst the rocks of our lives. Use the trials, the challenges and hard places in your life for growth! In other words, bloom right where you are planted, but with an eye toward learning from the challenges and improving your circumstances and surroundings going forward.

If you have not already, please stop by and leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share how you handle the rocks on your journey to personal and professional growth.

Talk soon!


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