December 1

Is Your Legacy Being Fueled by The Tyranny of The Urgent?


This Week’s Focus Point
By Dr. Jason Carthen

Clever Marketing during This Holiday Season

Amidst the Black Friday’s, Cyber Monday’s and whatever other clever marketing ploy that assails your senses this Holiday season, I want to share something with each of you to keep it all in perspective.

I Visited a Prison to Speak

Recently, I was reminded of just how profoundly grateful I am for my circumstances. While in Texas for a speaking opportunity, I was also allowed to visit a prison to speak to the inmates. As I was escorted on the yard, I was stunned to see white stone crosses on the grounds in neat rows. It was not the crosses that stunned me as much as what they represented.

Think about the Substance of Our Efforts

You see, the crosses were the tombstones for the inmates that had died while in prison…each one did not have a name, only a carefully etched number in the weather beaten stone. In that moment, I thought of you…friends, family, colleagues, my coaching clients and others who are intentionally leaving a legacy on a daily basis. What is the substance of our efforts, what will truly remain of our words and deeds? Are we living lives of courage, or have we succumbed to the cares of life that push us to the next “thing” that is fueled by the tyranny of the urgent?

Dr. Jason Carthen: Your Legacy

Try To See Other Pathway of Moving Forward

I ask these questions because one of the things that struck me as I observed and spoke to the inmates and guards that day was how many of them had resigned themselves to their current situation and really did not see any other pathway going forward. In some cases, hope had been lost and time…simply was now their enemy.

Contribute to Your Legacy

For this reason, I wanted to remind you today of just how important you are and how your contributions build into others and contribute to your legacy. I silently applaud you right now for your drive and your convictions because you are making a difference and your impact will last…just stay the course.

If you had a moment to journal today, what would you write about your legacy?


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