"The Carthen Connection” for your Next Event

Hall of Fame Business Leader, Award Winning Speaker & Bestselling Author, Dr. Jason is known as The Leadership Linebacker. He empowers individuals and organizations to perform at their highest level

Keynote: "Adapting To Change and Teaching Your Teams How To Win!"


Join Dr. Jason in this empowering presentation to navigate uncertainty and embrace change with confidence. Discover the six valuable steps to effectively manage change and thrive amidst chaos.

Learn how to develop discipline, connect with self-confidence, pivot for success, maintain focus on positive outcomes, embrace growth through change, leverage relationships, and trust the process for true growth.

By attending this keynote, you will acquire practical tools and insights to not only navigate change but also teach your teams to thrive amidst uncertainty. Get ready to embrace change, adapt with agility, and empower your teams to succeed in any dynamic environment.

Attendee Learning Objectives:

  • Develop Discipline: Gain strategies to take action and reinforce your commitment to success during times of change.
  • Connect with Self-Confidence: Equip yourself and others with the self-confidence necessary to move forward amidst uncertainty.
  • Pivot for Success: Learn how to adapt and position yourself for success despite the challenges brought by change.
  • Focus on Positive Outcomes: Understand the importance of remaining focused on optimistic outcomes rather than getting consumed by current situations.
  • Embrace Growth Through Change: Shift your perception of change as a negative thing and recognize the opportunities for growth it presents.
  • Leverage Relationships: Discover how to build strong relationships and partner with others to gain influence and navigate change together.
  • Trust the Process: Learn to trust the process of change, allowing yourself to experience personal and professional growth.

Who is this For?

For business leaders who are ready to take their company into tomorrow.
- audience activity educational / informative inspirational / life-changing