November 27

Know Your Worth & Only Work with Your Ideal Client


Do you understand your specific calling or purpose in life? Do you have a clear picture of what drives you and motivates you to wake up each morning and tackle the daily grind? I submit to you today that if you do not, it can lead to a lack of focus and reduced productivity…both of which can lead to negative outcomes in your personal and professional life.

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Scope of Work Makes  A Difference

Take for example, knowing your worth as a professional service provider. A magical fee schedule is not provided for you and each project or business relationship may require subtle nuance changes to the scope of work. So, what should you do? The first thing is to understand your worth and how your contribution impacts the long-term value to the company.

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Knowing What To Charge Begins With Value

My coaching clients ask me all the time, how do I know what to charge? I tell them to think about it i terms of two things. 1. How much preparation will they need in order to get ready for the opportunity, 2. During your research and initial information gathering with the potential client what is your long-term value proposition to the client after you have shared your expertise, insight and if applicable, your programs or processes.
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Preparation Matters

You see, it does not matter if you are doing a one hour training, a full day training or a six to nine month coaching engagement. Your value proposition is tied how much preparation you need to meet and exceed the clients needs and the value proposition in perpetuity. I cannot give you hard and fast numbers on what you would charge, but based on the two parameters I just shared with you, a pricing guideline for you will personally begin to emerge.

Work With Your Ideal Client

If your potential client balks at the pricing or if they simply are not ready to make that sort of investment, then you can either modify (never discount) your sales goal or you can move on to your ideal client. The one who is ready to buy….

Point of Clarity Quote:

“The best way to look at any business is from the standpoint of the clients.”

-Jamie Dimon


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