August 15

Why Leaders Must Demonstrate Strength and Wisdom During Tough Times


During the most recent political campaign, headlines have been filled with accusations and negative finger pointing about the candidates abilities to lead the country. Some of those accusations focused on the individual candidates strengths or ability to properly carry out the duties of the office while others focused on their inability to lead. At the end of the day, whether a leader is competing for the highest office in the world, or starting their own business, a leader must demonstrate not only an ability to lead with strength, but wisdom during the tumultuous times the world is currently facing. Make no mistake,  difficult times are when organizations and leaders are tested most rigorously.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Wisdom and Strong Leadership


A Leader’s Responsibility

In an organizational context, a leader’s responsibility is to make sure the vision and overall mission of the organization is followed and cultivated, so that long-term success can take place. Additionally, they must ensure that the organization remains financially viable despite negative conditions. How can a leader emerge victorious during times of uncertainty and struggle? Great question. If a leader has the courage to demonstrate wisdom during tough times they will be strategic in choices and priorities, making decisions when they need to be made, managing change carefully and maintaining open lines of communication. It is important to cultivate buy-in to keep the top performers on board for long-term success.

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3 Key Strategies

Key strategies for navigating tough times include (a) communicating clearly to instill confidence, (b) providing leadership opportunities, and (c) looking to your employees for innovative ways to streamline work and maximize impact. Be realistic when keeping employees informed about the ongoing situation and how the organization is faring, but you want to be intentional about the positives, so that employees do not fear the future.

Be Intentional with Culture

Wise leaders will also be reassuring and intentional about cultivating the heart of their people during tough times because it is vitally important that your key employees know how much you value their contributions. When the smoke clears those organization that position themselves to weather the storm, have the opportunity to use that time to become more efficient and effective while positioning themselves for continued growth and success when the conditions rebound.

Point of Clarity Quote:

In tough times, everyone has to take their share of the pain.
-Theresa May



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