December 28

Learn at Your Own Pace, but Whatever You Do Keep Learning!


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Adult learners experience some of the most difficult barriers to success because of the inherent challenges of going back to school amidst all the demands of day to day living. However, adults who decide to go back to school in pursuit of their education also experience some of the most rewarding interactions once they begin their educational journey.

Adult Learning Opportunities

Adults older than twenty five represent the fastest growing student population to date with no reduction in numbers in the foreseeable future. However, for many of these adults, the prospect of going back to school evokes many feelings…not all of them positive.

In fact, many adult learners experience fear, loneliness and an overwhelming sense of discouragement. All of which point to a potential disaster as it relates to degree program completion. The greatest factors that were found to aid in adult learner program retention and success was relationship with someone in the University’s administrative offices and efficient classes (both online and ground).

Leaders as Adult Learners

I share this with you today because as leaders many of our followers and team members fall into the category of adult learners. In order to lead them in a way that appeals to their higher order needs or promotes their own internal motivation, leaders should be in touch with the type of followers they are cultivating and molding in their organizations.

Followers and Continuous Learning

The more that followers understand the importance placed upon continual learning, the greater likelihood of their future success in the organization. Furthermore, as followers are brought on board in organizations, the ongoing learning expectations must be made clear at the outset to promote a culture that is steeped in continual learning.

The final takeaway is that many of our followers and some executive leaders are adult learners who are trying to navigate and find their way after some time from the classroom or office building.

If you have not already, please stop by and leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share how you keep learning as an adult.



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