May 18

Make Sure You’re Checking Your Progress as You Learn to Thrive!


By Dr. Jason Carthen

Recently, I went to the doctor for my annual physical and to just gain a better understanding of how my overall health was faring compared to where I was last year. Thankfully, there was no dire news or warning signs of impending danger, just some things I need to pay attention to going forward. Now, if I had not gone to see the doctor or taken the very important step to be proactive about my health, then I would have questions if my health changed. My real life experience regarding my health is a great reminder regarding our personal journeys toward thriving.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Make Sure You're Checking Your Progress

Living a Life of Influence

Many of you that know me and are familiar with my writing and speaking, know what a strong advocate I am for identifying your purpose, so that you can thrive in all that you do while living a life of influence! Well, in order to maintain momentum toward thriving, you need to routinely go in and assess your progress toward making the leap to thrive in all that you do. One of the easiest ways to do that is to determine how you stand in relation to previous goals you have set for yourself. For example, if you made the commitment to reach some health related goals, where are you in your progress? Do you have measurable outcomes that point to the goal being achieved? If so, then you are thriving in that area! If not, then let’s make the decision to “make it so” and avoid stagnation and regret.

Assess Your behaviors, thoughts and Actions

Another way to determine if you are making progress toward thriving is to go back to your journal and assess your behaviors, thoughts and actions for at least the last quarter to reveal positive or negative thinking patterns that contribute to your success or failure. The more you can get a hold on what you think and believe, the greater likelihood you can impact your subsequent actions.

You see, whether you are a leader or a follower, you deserve to thrive! However, in order to do that you must begin to embrace behaviors that lead to success and thoughts that people habitually choose not to think about. Now, I am not for one second telling you that it will be easy or that anyone can do it with minimal effort. Instead, I am sharing with you that if you will sacrifice, take risks of vulnerability and call upon resilience whenever it’s needed, then you will not only be on the path to thriving, but you will in fact be the exception as you influence all that you come in contact with….

Please leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and share with me why you or anyone else would want to thrive. I appreciate all of you!


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