September 8

Obstacles That Are Not Dealt With Will Trip You Up Every Time!


Each time before we took the field in the National Football League, we were told repeatedly to remember our assignments and not to make a mistake. It appeared this should have been easy since that was our full time job. However, many things can happen between practicing on the field during the week and game time on Sunday.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Obstacles Need To Be Dealt With

Take Preparation for Each Time

Each week’s preparation was different and it was based on the team we were playing. For example, the Buffalo Bills ran a “no huddle offense” with Jim Kelly as the quarterback. You had to prepare differently for their offense because of the rapid way they presented change on every play. It did not matter how many obstacles they threw at us, we had to be ready for whatever the offense was going to try and use against our team.

Planning May Not Work All The Time

Well it did not always workout the way we planned it! I remember going after the quarterback on one particular play and I thought I had him because it was just a running back and me. The running back was my last remaining obstacle…. The running back waited for me to get close and then decided to dive at my legs causing me to jump high in the air. By this time, the quarterback and the ball were gone.

If you do not accurately and attentively address each obstacle in your personal life and business, those same obstacles will trip you up or cause you to fail. What is an obstacle that you have not broken free of yet? How long has then obstacle been around?


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