November 18

Perspective Can be a Game Changer or a Deal Breaker


This Week’s Focus Point

By Dr. Jason Carthen

Dr. Jason Carthen: Perspective Can Be a Game Changer

Perspective Creates Opportunities

Perspective in business creates opportunities filled with promise or causes a fog of obscurity so thick that you can lose your way. After nearly two decades as a consultant in the areas of Leadership, Organizational Development, and Sales, I have found that perspective is tied to business success or failure. You see, perspective drives clarity when it comes to achieving your business goals. If you do not keep the right perspective, then trivial situations can distract you and keep you off course. In contrast, when you have the right perspective, any situation can end with an optimistic outcome. As a reminder, the pursuit of clarity only comes from the desire to test closely held beliefs and challenging what are often faulty assumptions. It is only when you can engage followers, clients or family from their perspective that you can begin to create a more accurate picture of how to interact, or engage them for real “change” or breakthrough moments. Do you strive to see another’s perspective before digging in your heels to protect your own?


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