October 19

Playing Small Only Limits Your Leadership Possibilities: Go Big or Go Home!


Many people may not know this, but I was a multi-sport athlete in High school. I played, basketball, tennis (Yes, tennis!) and football, and it was all because I enjoyed the learning and the competition.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Go Big or Go Home!

Make Yourself Big

I will never forget what one of my coaches shared with me about the game of basketball. He said, “Son, when you’re down on this block around the key, you have to make yourself big and let others know you’re there!” Looking back on that now, it seems like such a simple statement, but in retrospect, it really speaks to a much larger life lesson that we all can learn.


Battle for the Rebound

You see, the coach was trying to tell me to spread out and protect my area as a power forward and be ready to either take the shot near the basket or to get ready to battle for the rebound. It did not matter who we were playing or the size of their team, I had to make myself big psychologically and “Play Big” physically in the process.

Carry Out the Calling of Lives

What a great example for us to follow as leaders and followers as we carry out the calling on our lives! “Playing Big” in an organizational context or even in your personal life requires you to perceive yourself in a positive way and to then commit to acting upon your beliefs. How we perceive ourselves should matter more than how we believe others perceive us. In fact, you are really “Playing small” and doing yourself a disservice when you let the perception of others dictate your thoughts, moods and actions.

Improve Your Leadership Abilities

Furthermore, when you seek to improve your leadership abilities or skill-sets, you are in fact preparing yourself for your moment of opportunity and high impact. In her beautiful poem, Our Greatest Fear, Marianne Williamson shares that, “Your Playing Small Does not Serve the World” and in that small excerpt, today’s Leadership Minute is revealed.

Commit to memory today that we all are here on a mission with a purpose and it does not serve any of us well if we shrink away from how big that purpose is supposed to be….

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