January 27

Practices To Improve Communication and Effective Message Delivery


This Week’s Focus Point

By Dr. Jason Carthen

Dr. Jason Carthen: Practice Improved and Effective Communication

Maintain Accurate Communication Pathways

Communication provides the greatest pathways to understanding in business and in relationships. If you do not have accurate communication pathways, there’s a greater likelihood for misunderstandings to take place. For example, during a recent Keynote speech for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition, I had the opportunity to be instrumental in changing the lives of others at both the community and the “grassroots level” of society. However, at one point of my “messaging” it became apparent that technology and sound would pose a problem for the audience. You see, there was interference between the speaker and the audience, and when interference occurs, the valuable message can be lost! Thankfully, the technical issue was eliminated, but it is a great metaphor for a leader that must remove barriers to effective communication with their followers. I want to give you four quick practices to improve your communication and to improve your chances of effective message delivery!

4 Practices to improve leader communication

1. Actively listen to the other person.

2. Ask questions for clarity.

3. Paraphrase what you heard the other person say.

4. Be slow to speak and do not judge before the message has been received.

If you will repeat and develop these practices, your ability to carry and effectively deliver a powerful message will be embraced by many.


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