January 2

Season 4, Episode 1: A New Year & a New You! [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 4, Episode 1 of The Discover the Leader in You Podcast. At the beginning of each New Year, we either see it on the television screen or we hear about it from friends and family! New Year Resolution’s filled with plans, goals and expectations of fulfillment! Invariably, things begin to get in the way and life pushes in regardless of the best laid plans.

Dr. Jason Carthen: Season 3 Episode 1

So how do we get past the disappointment of not achieving the resolutions that were laid out? What is the format for success when it comes to charting a course for the year and developing goals with actionable strategies?

Well on today’s show we have a young lady who knows a thing or two about setting goals and achieving them. Ms. Britney Chatmon will be joining us to discuss key steps to move forward in the New Year!




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