April 9

Season 4, Episode 11: The Importance of Having a Go-To-Market Strategy Prior to Launch! [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 4, Episode #11 of Discover the Leader in You! There are different phases to anything that we encounter in life, whether it’s our relationships, our own personal growth and maturity or even the evolution of our business or work life. The key is whether or not we are prepared for those stages and phases.

Radio Show_Dragana Mendel_4.9.2016_#11

In fact, whether we are successful or experience challenges or moments of failure will be based upon our preparation or willingness to adapt to what we encounter as we seek to evolve and grow.  One of the things that I share with my coaching clients, is to always do their due diligence before starting anything, or to just maintain their high performance.

One area of business where this preparation is crucial is a launch. Some of you may be asking what is a launch or how can something like that help me? Well, on today’s show, boy do we have a treat for you! Dragana Mendel, President and Principal consultant of Anagard LLC. will give us insights into the inner workings of a launch and its importance to having a Go-To-Market Strategy prior to launching anything in life!

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