February 13

Season 4, Episode 7: How to Level the Organizational Playing Field Through Emotional Intelligence! [Podcast]


Welcome to Season 4, Episode #7 of Discover the Leader in You™! I have some questions for our listening audience today to help us get started…What is that one thing that leaders have that sets them apart from manager’s or that one thing they become known for when it comes to having a good rapport with their followers?

Dr. Jason Carthen: Season3episode7_EQ_Melvin Smith_2.13.16

O.K., that was rhetorical, but research suggests it’s the presence of emotional intelligence or the ability to be cognitively aware of their own personal responses and reactions to outside stimuli in their environment when tasked with relating to others.

Why is this important to leaders? It’s important because in order to demonstrate effectiveness as a leader you must be able to engage your followers and help them to overcome obstacles  or barriers to performance. On Today’s show we have a special guest, Dr. Melvin Smith who will peel back the curtains and give us a little bit more insight into the tenets of Emotional Intelligence and the benefits that it can provide to not only a leader, but also to their respective organization.

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Emotional Intelligence

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