December 30

Servant Leadership is the Go-To Leadership Style


By Dr. Jason Carthen

Dr. Jason Carthen: Servant Leadership Style

What is Servant Leadership

My HR contact was very skeptical of the idea of followers being placed on a level playing field with leaders, in fact, they were against it, citing “blurred lines” of responsibility and authority. I shared with them that “Servant Leadership” is not for the faint of heart, but is a game changer in organizations. If you want to experience rapid improvement in office environments, better team relationships, and increased productivity, Servant Leadership is the go to leadership style.

How Servant Leadership Works

Robert Greenleaf’s premise that a follower’s interests are first, and above even the leader’s own desires is powerful and thought provoking. It represents sacrifice for the leader and sometimes brokenness dependent upon the situation. This can be a very frightening proposition if deadlines are in front of you and your team, or if consequences for unmet expectations are possible. The tension and uncertainty is well worth it when you see the long-term growth of the follower and a healthier organization.

Do you have what it takes to be a Servant Leader? Give us some examples when you have placed the follower first above your own needs.


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