April 21

Succession Planning And The Ability To Handle Transition as a Leader


By Dr. Jason Carthen

Focus Point:

Dr. Jason Carthen: Planning And Ability To Handle Transition As A Leader

As the gnarled and weathered hands reached down to offer me another item for my fishing expedition, I was reminded of just how important it is to remain optimistic about your current situation.

Hands of My Uncle

Those hands, were the hands of my uncle…a true Patriarch of the family who has since passed away. His life had been a study in steady leadership and consistent behavior. In his death was a chance for renewal and momentum. You see he rarely wasted any moments without providing teachable anecdotes or stories concerning how to do things. While those moments will certainly be missed, they have prepared me for my own journey and my own next steps.

Role of the Leader

Thus is the role of the leader. Leading requires thinking second and third steps, crucial parts of succession planning. As you lead and guide others make sure you are pouring into them and developing them for their opportunity for greatness. There is no time like the present and being intentional will unlock their potential sooner. How are you designing your succession plan? Have you found that individual that can begin to honor your legacy?

Point of Reflection:

Author Unknown: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.


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