April 6

Talking Will Profit You Very Little, but Execution Will Change Your Life!

Greetings everyone! I am trusting that you will be encouraged by this post and the key points of execution!

Take the Opportunity To Spend Time with Old Friends

A recent holiday gave me an opportunity to spend time with old friends and those that are very precious to me. It was during those times of fellowship and reflection that I was reminded of just how important it is to embrace a clear path of purpose and execution in this lifetime.

Don’t Afraid To Share Your Vulnerabilities

For example, during one of my recent radio interviews I was very grateful to have a young man on my show that was not afraid to share his vulnerabilities through failure and triumph. The significance of the interview was not simply due to his poise and depth of communication, instead, it was the fact of one thing that he has done, that so many entrepreneurs and corporate leaders are hesitant to do…”Execute.”

Dr. Jason Carthen: Execution Will Change Your Life

The Life of a Champion

Execution is a game changer when it comes to demonstrating what I like to call, “The Life of a Champion” or a life that is built upon intentionality, direction and purpose. You see, without intentionality, direction and purpose, we (myself included) can fall into a habit of just maintaining in life and living a reactionary lifestyle. This reactionary lifestyle leads to chronic unfulfillment and unrealized potential.

Help Others To Achieve Their Goals and Dreams

Let me explain, as a consultant and executive coach, I have the pleasure of working with individuals to help them pinpoint the pathways to their goals and dreams, however, this pathway is not without challenges and struggle. Over the years, the greatest barrier has been…you guessed it, execution!

Concern about Failures and Triumph

Whether it is poor time management, lifestyle barriers, self-doubt, or the belief what they want does not matter, execution falls short. You may be asking why were things different for the young man and not for the others? Friends, it goes back to the original point that I made concerning intentionality, failures and triumph. When you follow a path of execution, great strides toward achieving your goals and dreams can be made.

Three Things Need for Successfully Execution

What does that pathway look like? Three things need to be present if you are going to successfully execute. (a) You must do the homework and establish your goal, (b) then you must set the strategic direction or the steps to get there, (c) and then faithfully follow your plan!

No amount of talking about your plan is going to bring it to fruition, but when you train yourself to execute faithfully, no amount of distractions will keep you away from intentionality, direction, and purpose.

Leave a comment or post on my Facebook Page and tell me how effective you think “Execution” could be in your life.Your comments and insights are important to me!


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