March 5

The 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day as You Lead


Do you know what it takes to lead others effectively? I mean the kind of leadership that endears you to followers and your colleagues alike. Well, I can share with you that it does not have to be hard. In fact, it just requires a little bit more intentionality and flexibility on your part as you engage others fully with an eye toward intentionality. Let’s look at 3 questions or things that you can do that will immediately increase your leadership quotient as you engage with others today.

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What’s in it for the follower?

In other words do they feel incentivized through your leadership tactics? If not, long-term buy in will suffer. Remember, people follow based on relationship and “perception” of relationship with the leader. It is never solely about monetary remuneration…never. If it has declined to that point, then you have missed the warning signs before the “performance cliff” drop off.

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How are you positioning your followers for future success?

For example, if you were promoted to another location at a moments notice, who is your immediate successor? How much time have you spent with them to share the subtle nuances of leadership required from you over the years? What you intentionally do to equip others for leadership not only improves their chances of success, but builds into a “Destiny Focused Leadership” vision that will far exceed your time constrained influence.

What obstacles can you remove from your follower’s path?

This one is huge. Why? Because if we’re honest we’ve all been in situations where we felt powerless to change our situation and there was no savior in sight if left to our own influence or solutions. Now visualize or tell me if you remember how it felt when someone who had power and influence stepped in with a solution or to mediate when a problem seemed insurmountable.

Exactly…whatever memories or feelings that evoked in you it’s a powerful feeling of validation, peace, protection and comfort that all leaders should freely wield whenever appropriate and possible for their followers. To withhold it is to invite uncertainty in your followers and missed opportunities for cohesion. Therefore, remove performance barriers and stand in the gap to remove obstacles for your team frequently.

Point of Clarity Quote:

Leadership is not about a title or a designation. It’s about impact, influence and inspiration.”

-Robin Sharma


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