April 20

The Art of Discipline Amidst a Sea of Chaos!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Art of Discipline Amidst a Sea of Chaos

By Dr. Jason Carthen

The young man knew only that something was required of him and the level of importance placed upon the task by others did not matter. What did matter was the degree of importance he placed upon the task at hand and the subsequent quality he was willing to produce. Others might have approached the task with reluctance while seeking the quickest route to completion, instead, the young man labored for two years on a daily basis to complete his charge of making something out of nothing. In the end, MichelAngelo crafted the finest sculptural representation of King David that would be appreciated for centuries to come.

Temptation to Cut Corners

Too often in society there is the temptation to cut corners or to just get by with the least amount of effort that may be required. Mind you, this is not because people are always seeking the easy way out, on the contrary, research suggests that people lack what is called “Conation” or what I like to call “Discipline” outside of the scientific community. Discipline is the habitual act of training your mind and body to accomplish a behavior, task or endeavor toward a successful completion.

Cultivation of Discipline

My research has shown that three things need to be in place for the cultivation of discipline.

1. Willingness:

No amount of cajoling, badgering, or punishing will force someone to a place of discipline. An individual must willingly embrace a higher standard of activity and action toward a preferred outcome in order to maintain the art of discipline.

2: Accountability:

When an individual allows themselves to be held accountable it demonstrates a certain level of maturity and an openness to learn from correction. Both of which point to evidence of the behaviors required to maintain the path of discipline.

3. Resilience:

The mere prospect of remaining consistent with a task that requires something from you, will cause you to second guess your decisions and wonder if you are on the right path. It’s at these times that you must call upon resilience or the ability to push forward despite setbacks and disappointments. The more you are resilient, the stronger you become for the next challenge!

That’s right, a “War” has to take place on the inside for individuals to habitually and consistently remain disciplined in their activities en route to success. Michelangelo demonstrated the habitual act of carrying out a daily task for two years to create something that would eventually waste away. How much more important is cultivating the discipline of living your legacy on a daily basis?

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