January 6

The Importance of a Support System in Leadership


By Dr. Jason Carthen

Dr. Jason Carthen: Importance of a Support System

Leaders Need to Navigate the Challenges

In the book, “Leading with a Limp” the author shares that leaders must be able to navigate the challenges and hurts associated with leadership. In the NFL we have a saying that, You Have to Play Through the Pain! It did not matter that you were running full speed at your opponent and experiencing collisions of epic proportions, the general belief was that you were supposed to shake it off and keep going.

Find the Effective Support System

In leadership, there is no such foolhardy behavior… to lead effectively, you must seek out a support system that both encourages your success and reveals your roadmap of effectiveness Yes, there will be days of limping, but you do not stay there and just endure it, you lead smarter and grow from the experiences. Then you will be prepared more and more for every moment that requires you to lead through the adversity. When have you needed to regroup and seek counsel concerning your leadership?


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