April 13

The Loneliness of Vision and the Four Practices Required To Overcome It!


Dr. Jason Carthen: Loneliness of Vision

Many of the headlines regarding people’s success or mountaintop moments revolve around the idea of big ideas and unbelievable outcomes, however, much of the meat is often left out. The meat of the back-story often involves struggle, disappointment, tough choices and loneliness while on your path to greatness.

Help Others To Achieve Success

I know personally that I have made tough choices along the way to merely survive and ultimately to place me on a path to thrive. Granted, some of those choices thrust me into a place of loneliness due to the vision that had been placed upon my heart to lead and help others achieve success, but that vision also broke me free from the chains of self-doubt and has literally helped tens of thousands to accomplish their own dreams and visions of greatness.

Today, as you are walking out your journey, I want to share four practices to implement as you contemplate the vision for your life, relationships, family, or business. These four practices are sure to bring you a certain level of peace while on your journey.


Regardless of where your starting point may be, you must spend time cultivating the vision that has been placed on your heart. Create a road map to your success. That means you need to think it through, write it down, challenge it, seek others counsel, weigh the advantages & disadvantages, all of which will illuminate a better path to move forward.


Once the necessary vetting has taken place through cultivation, you should begin to pursue the thing that has been placed on your heart to achieve. This pursuit should take place through very measured but calculated steps that reveal success or failure along the way. A word of caution…this is where the loneliness can set in as others see your boldness to pursue something and it reveals their own feelings of inadequacy which may cause them to watch and wait during your pursuit and only offer up only silence during your times of struggle. Take heart, pursue your vision and remain focused….


One of the greatest dangers during the loneliness of pursuing a vision is to simply quit right before your breakthrough! For that reason, you must persist using the carefully crafted road-map and plan that began the process. For me, this is a time for prayer and reflection while asking for a renewed sense of confirmation concerning the vision. Continue to persist and push toward the vision with intentional daily actions and no matter what, do not quit because you do not know when your breakthrough will occur.


You must give yourself permission to celebrate along the way! Many times as we are in the pursuit of things that we may want, we forget to take a moment to rejoice in our small victories along the way. Self-mastery moments during the pursuit of your vision serves to reinforce why you are doing it in the first place! So, do not deprive yourself the opportunity to create a positive mile-marker along the way to your impending victory!

If you will implement these four practices while cultivating your vision, the only remaining variable will be time before your vision becomes reality.
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