March 3

The Power of Duplication Creates a Gateway for You To Thrive!


This Week’s Focus Point

by Dr. Jason Carthen

Dr. Jason Carthen: Power of Duplication Creates a Gateway for You to be Thief

The Power of Duplication

The beleaguered executive looked at me in disbelief and wanted me to tell him exactly how he was going to shorten his work week with his newly expanded work responsibilities. I assured him all was going according to plan with the new change initiative. To me it was very clear, he had to change his perception of work and his perceived role to others in the company, but in his mind, he had to do more with less, no matter the price, i.e., his home life, physical health, personal relationships, etc. You see, this executive had fallen into the trap of believing that he had to do it all; he had missed what many of us in business learn early in order to thrive…the power of duplication.

Create Gateways for Thoughts and Activities

To achieve exceptional business results that lead to other benefits, you must manage your efforts by strategically creating gateways for thoughts, and activities. This occurs through duplication or empowering others to learn what you do and sharing the load! When you duplicate your efforts, you expand your reach and influence, this maximizes the return on your time investment. The leader who was overseeing the change initiative I was part of as a consultant, bought into the change process early and helped to increase the company’s bottom line and alleviated much of his stress. He now does the things that energize him the most because it it adds the greatest value.

How are you duplicating your efforts through others in order to add value to your organization? How are you intentional with pouring (mentoring) into others to groom them for leadership?


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